Installing a dialogue between Aubusson tapestry and contemporary creation

Aubusson did not invent low warp weaving but was always able to experiment ans enrich the know-how, aiming at efficiency in a mainly private sector. Time of production, economy of resources and speed in turning out pieces are characteristic of Aubusson. One square metre costs around 6,000 € and requires 20 days to one month to be woven, according to its technical complexity. The questions of productivity, efficiency, innovation, weaving techniques, were studied at the National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson. Today, it is up to the Cité de la tapisserie’s to try and enrich the craftsmanship : this heritage is alive, it keeps evolving and developing. That is why it needs to be confronted with contemporary creation. This is the role of the calls for contemporay creation launched every year since 2010.

The Cité provides a weaving-production service 

The process of editing a tapestry is a creative adventure. The Cité de la tapisserie encourages the implementation, by private individuals, companies and institutions, of weavings in Aubusson and Felletin workshops. The annual call for creation allows to highlight a catalogue of artistic projects that can be workable for weavings : Laurent Grasso, Marlène Mocquet, Philippe Rahm, Perrine Vigneron... The award-winning projects of Cité de la tapisserie can also be rewoven, up to 8 copies. The Cité accompanies research projects to reweave ancient tapestries which techniques disappeared.